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Arabian Nights

On Sunday June 18 at the Malling Community Centre in Lewes, the popular Saturday Youth and Junior groups of the Lewes Drama Collective will present The Royal Shakespeare Company’s version of Arabian Nights by Dominic Cooke….

“A masterful piece of storytelling… a truly magical piece of theatre that delights all the senses.”

This enthralling performance is set to surprise and bewitch audiences with mischievously beguiling and creative stories that provide our talented cast members with a wonderful opportunity to try their hand at different performing styles.

Enjoy the company of elegant and strange characters and experience a magical journey with giants, chatty birds, tricky thieves and adventurers, as well as the infamous Ali Baba, Es-Sindibad the Sailor and Princess Parizade amongst others.

“Superb… weaves a potent spell of enchantment as it moves from cruelty to happiness and from the blissfully ribald to the deeply affecting.”
Daily Telegraph
Over thousands of years, these spell-binding fairy tales, comedic yarns, stories of romance and unforgettable legends have entertained people all over the world. Dominic Cooke’s adaptation was published and played in 2009 at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. Almost 15 years later, Lewes Drama Collective is honoured to present this amateur production by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books.  

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