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Lewes Drama Collective - Safety Protocols for COVID-19 Pandemic

Here we describe what we expect from students, parents / guardians, tutors, directors and stage management team members during these challenging times. 

We wish to ensure the highest possible health and safety standards during the Covid-19 pandemic, and are fully dedicated to the rules set out by our government. Please note that this page will be periodically reviewed according to significant changes required throughout the situation.

We appreciate that these current rules and regulations may be overwhelming or perceived as excessive, however the safety of everyone involved with Lewes Drama Collective is paramount.

If you have any questions or worries then please do not hesitate to speak with a member of our team, message or call Tim Rowland on WhatsApp or email tim@dramacollective.com

Attending classes, rehearsals and events

We kindly ask that anyone involved in our activities please check their temperature before leaving home and consider whether they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. If anyone in your household is experiencing a high temperature or any of the Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home. 

It is suggested that you dial 111 and ask for professional medical advice and follow the most recent government medical advice on self isolation. If a student is unable to attend a session please contact your relevant teacher/director via WhatsApp or email tim@dramacollective.com

To reduce the risk of having too many people at any of our venues, we ask for all students (and parents / guardians) to please wait to be invited into the building or knock and wait outside.

If you arrive early, please wait outside until the designated start time. If the weather is less than favourable, please wait in cars or other public premises if at all possible. If none of these options are available, please call one of our team members and we will help you get your child into the rehearsal/class as swiftly and safely as possible.

If you have any questions or worries regarding vulnerable people, then please don’t hesitate to contact Tim Rowland on WhatsApp or via email to tim@dramacollective.com

Hygiene – Hand washing and use of antibacterial wipes, gels and sprays

With regards to cleanliness and hygiene, we are in constant liaison with the venues to ensure that stringent cleaning has taken place before and after our sessions.

We ask that all parents provide students with their own antibacterial gel/wipes and whenever they touch anything to use this/these.

We ask that all students, teachers, directors and stage management teams ensure touch points, such as door and window handles, are cleaned with antibacterial wipes, gel or spray after anyone touches them. 

The rule is …”if you touch it, you anti-bac it!”

At the start and end of each session, a member of our team will ensure that all door handles, chairs, etc. have been wiped with antibacterial gel/spray/wipes.

Social distancing and masks

We ask that all tutors, directors and members of the stage management team enforce social distancing for themselves and the students at all times. We also ask students to be vigilant and always look around to see if you are close to anyone and to move away carefully and safely.

Any students over the age of 11 are asked to wear masks or face coverings whilst they are not involved in activities (for example, whilst watching others rehearsing scenes that they are not in) – unless of course an individual has a medical or developmental condition, or has trouble breathing. 

Here is some official guidance on how to wear a face mask or covering properly to be effective and avoid the spread of germs:

  • Wash your hands before putting it on
  • Be sure your mouth and nose are covered
  • Hook loops around your ears or tie it snugly
  • Do not touch it or pull it down while in public
  • Keep it on until you get home
  • Remove it without touching your eyes, nose or mouth, then wash your hands immediately

If any student or team member feels like they are overheating and are having trouble breathing, it is advised that they should take off their mask, drink water, rest and seek a cool / calm place. 

When both on and off “stage” students must, whenever possible be 2m apart and if not possible, abide by the “1m+” rule set by the UK government on 8th August 2020. Members of the same household may sit together but must remain vigilant with sanitiser and distancing from other households.

Masks are not needed when rehearsing a scene on-stage as long as at least 2m distance is given (at the least the 1m+ rule). Any student who wants to wear a mask for the duration of a rehearsal or class is more than welcome to, however this will not be possible during a performance.

Please refer to the World Health Organisation website for any further guidance on mask wearing and this helpful resource from the WHO on Children and masks related to COVID-19.


To ensure safety during performances, we will be scaling down some of the elements in our productions. 

Until the situation can be improved, we will no longer use changing rooms. Instead, students will be required to wear their show outfit to the performance venue so that no one will need to get changed at the venue. 

Currently, all students’ show outfits must consist of:

  • long sleeved tops
  • long trousers, leggings or skirt and tights
  • basic black shoes (trainers, pumps, school shoes) 

Some students may need to bring character items such as hats, shirts, dresses and wigs.

In the interest of personal hygiene and to maintain safety measures, we request that all clothes and character items must be brought to the venue and taken home to be washed between rehearsals/performances.

Our stage management team will ensure that any props for the shows are sanitised in-between use by different cast or crew members.

We will of course have chaperones to safeguard all students under the age of 16 during dress rehearsals, technical rehearsals and the performances, for which students 16 years old and younger must be signed in- and out- by parent or guardian as is required by law.

Personal items

Students are asked to leave bags and coats in the designated places, the locations of which will be shown to students at their first session.

Scripts will need to be held or put in a pocket at all times (if not off book yet) and not left on chairs, tables or the floor. If this happens by mistake the area where the script (or any other personal items) was needs to be sanitised and anyone who touches it needs to sanitise their hands immediately.

A ‘one in and one out’ rule applies for the bathrooms. Hands, toilet seats and door handles must be sanitised by the user / or venue after use. Social distancing must be adhered to whilst waiting to use the bathrooms.

Where possible, we and the venue staff will help to ensure that the room and building is well ventilated 

Payments to Lewes Drama Collective – No Cash Please

To lower the risk further, please note that we will only accept BACS payments to the bank account details provided by Tim Rowland. 

In case of an emergency, for instance, if there is an issue with your bank, we may cash accept payments (only the new £5, £10 and £20 “plastic” notes will be accepted). These must be cleaned with an antibacterial agent before being handed to the relevant class tutor/director. All cash payments must be authorised by Tim Rowland via WhatsApp prior to the event.

Please contact Tim directly via WhatsApp or via email to tim@dramacollective.com for any questions

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