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Complete the form below to request a free session and we will contact you in turn to firm up the details.
This form is to be completed only by Parents / legal guardians of potential new members over the age of 16.
To enrol more than one member, please submit this form again so that we can correctly make a note of each members’ details.

Your child's name.
Your first name
Your surname
E.g. mother, father, grandparent, legal guardian, foster carer, etc.
To help our member have the best time and get the most out of learning about the performing arts, we like to be inclusive to all.
Please provide your full address in case of emergency and for invoicing purposes.
So that we can send you a booking confirmation with all the details you'll need.
Please only write numbers, including area code for landlines, e.g. 01273444444
I hereby agree that Lewes Drama Collective may store my data and that I would like to receive relevant information. We respect your privacy. For further information on how we process and monitor your personal data, and information about your privacy and opt-out rights, read our Privacy Policy at https://dramacollective.com/privacy-cookies-policy
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