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Member Enrolment Form

This form is to be completed only by Parents / legal guardians of potential members and individuals over the age of 16.
To enrol more than one member, please complete another form (one per member).

If you wish to enrol multiple members, please submit forms per member individually.
Please write in this format: DD/MM/YYYY, e.g. 24/04/2004
Please provide name of the school / college that the member is currently attending. If not currently in education, please write N/A.
Please provide members' full home address for invoicing purposes
Please provide your email address
Please only write numbers, including area code, e.g. 01273444444
Please only write numbers
Please provide full name, relationship to member and email address
Please only write numbers
For our records, please confirm whether you give permission for your child to go home by themselves after rehearsals, classes or workshops. Note, this does not apply to dress rehearsals or production dates at which a legal guardian / parent is required to sign any members under the age of 16 in and out of the venue. More details on this in section 14 of our Terms & Conditions.
Our Terms and Conditions may be read at https://dramacollective.com/terms-conditions
I hereby agree that Lewes Drama Collective may store my data and that I would like to receive relevant information. We respect your privacy. For further information on how we process and monitor your personal data, and information about your privacy and opt-out rights, read our Privacy Policy at https://dramacollective.com/privacy-cookies-policy
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