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There’s no Stopping the Talented Members of Lewes Drama Collective

Our Youth Group’s performances of Animal Farm last weekend at the All Saints Centre in Lewes were exceptional and the cast was rewarded with generous applause from hundreds of audience members.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received about the show…

“Such excellent performances with a very high standard from the cast and crew, and a good venue that worked well.”

“It was brilliant, we absolutely loved it!”

“Brilliant play, we all loved it and the cast did really well. Thank you for all your hard work and to the rest of your team.”

Looking ahead, our Youth Group will be preparing for their Collection of Short Entertainments variety show performance, before being cast for the highly anticipated second part of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (the first part of which was a sell out success earlier on this year), which will be taking place at Lewes’ All Saints Centre between 1st and 9th February 2020.

The next major production in the Lewes Drama Collective’s busy calendar is the Junior Club’s performance of C.S. Lewis’ most beloved and magical story – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe…

Adapted by Glynn Robbins, the play focuses on all the most exciting and memorable parts of the book. It is fun but also exciting with great dialogue. The play really does preserve the integrity of this much adored story.

Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan are evacuated to a country house during the Second World War. Lucy explores the house and finds a magical wardrobe that transports her to the wonderful world of Narnia where the adventure begins with Mr Tumnus, a Faun. The audience soon learn that the land of Narnia is in danger and has become under control of the evil power hungry Queen. It is not long before her brothers and sister join her on the adventure.

The magical tale is vividly brought to life on stage and will have children and adults alike on the edge of their seats as they embark on a wonderful adventure in Narnia.

When: Sunday, 21st July 2019 at 13:45

Where: All Saints Centre, Lewes

Online Box Office is live with tickets available from £6.50 via Ticket Source

Furthermore, members of the Adult Collective are to present their own unique and new production on the 26th July and the Saturday School group will be showing their brand new film on the 14th July.

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