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His Dark Materials Two Poster Lewes Drama Collective

Lewes Drama Collective is set to Conclude His Dark Materials Trilogy

Following a sell-out success of His Dark Materials Part I in Lewes (East Sussex, UK) earlier on this year, Lewes Drama Collective’s Youth Group is very proud to present Part II this Winter…

Lewes Drama Collective (formerly known as Lewes Theatre Youth Group) will perform part two of the two-play stage adapted dramatisation of Philip Pullman’s extraordinary award-winning fantasy trilogy, His Dark Materials. Published by Nick Hern Books, Nicholas Wright’s adaptation premiered on London’s Royal National Theatre revolving Olivier stage in 2003 and was quickly followed by a much longer run due to the production being so very popular.

On 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th February 2020, our local talented actors, who are aged between 11 and 18, will take audiences of all ages on a thrilling journey…

On their path to discover the truth, Lyra Belacqua, her wonderful Daemon Pantalaimon and Will Parry have been through many different worlds so far, both familiar and unknown, and on their quest have encountered the power of The Magisterium and the frightening Gobblers, as well as brave Gyptians and adventurers, mystical witches and armoured polar bears.

Part II is set to keep audiences on the edge of their seats as the struggle between good and evil continues in the mysterious and yet strangely familiar worlds created by the prolific and controversial genius, Phillip Pullman.

In the second part of this epic adventure, the action continues with the heroic fight to retrieve the powerful subtle knife. Young heroine Lyra Belacqua (aka Lyra Silvertongue), her trusty Daemon Pantalaimon and loyal friend Will Parry continue their overwhelming quest to stop the forces of evil.

However, The Magisterium is hot on their heels and will never give up, as there is too much at stake. The relentless, devoted and menacing Brother Jasper from The Magisterium is getting close to his goal of killing Lyra and subsequently maintaining the harsh rule of his totalitarian institution.

Tricky Mrs Coulter and her golden monkey continue to plot and scheme with Boreal whilst the ever tenacious Lord Asriel searches to destroy the overbearing authority with the help of small but deadly spies – the Gallivespians.

Join Lyra and her friends as they make the arduous journey to the ‘republic of heaven’ through the dark and haunting land of the dead, where they encounter some fantastical and frightening beings and conclude the thrilling trilogy of His Dark Materials.

To get an idea as to the quality of talent and production detail that goes into these shows, just take a look at some of the comments received from audience members and participants of His Dark Materials Part I:

“When you think you’ve seen the best, along comes His Darkest Materials! You can see how much these students thrive and enjoy what they do, they are all amazing.”

“Of the many youth theatre productions I have seen, this is THE BEST!”

“We were blown away!!! Such a gripping performance by everyone. Definitely going to read the books now thanks to the inspiring show. Bring on the next one!!!”

“An incredibly complex story, very very well done!”

“His Dark Materials was such an amazing show to be involved with. I couldn’t imagine a professional actor doing any better as the lead, and the entire company excelled. Direction, lighting and sets were all outstanding. Thanks so much for giving the children this incredible experience!”

Speaking about the experience of His Dark Materials with Lewes Drama Collective, Tim Rowland – Producer and Director – says:

“Our theatre groups have been running for more than 10 years now and His Dark Materials is definitely amongst the top three of the most ambitious and successful shows we have ever done. I am so proud of our talented cast, who have successfully taken on Stanislavskian and some Brechtian techniques, I simply can’t wait to see them flourish on stage again!”

During each interval, audience members will be able to enjoy a plethora of delicious home-made treats and have the chance to win some excellent raffle prizes, whilst ticket prices continue to be set at affordable prices so that the whole family can come to the show (£7.50 for children 16 and under and £9.50 for adults).

Please note that there will be some flashing lights and loud sounds at certain points during the performance, and that some parts of the content are not suitable for people aged 10 or under.

Don’t forget to follow Lewes Drama Collective on social media to keep up-to-date with the latest announcements about this and other productions!



VENUE: All Saints Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes, BN7 2LE


DIRECTIONS: Click here to open Google Maps

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