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Discover the Magic of Drama: Audition for Our Traditional British Pantomime with Robinson Crusoe

On Sunday the 4th of February 2024, Lewes Drama Collective is set to present its unique take on a family favourite story at the All Saints Centre.

In the realm of theatre, the stage is a world of wonder, metamorphosis, and boundless prospects. Each performance offers a chance to escape reality and venture into the realm of imagination, and drama plays an essential role in this enchanting journey. 

Tim Rowland, our director aptly describes drama as “incredible, with the power to impart knowledge, understanding, passion, confidence, and emotion, offering boundless opportunities.”


As we embark on a new adventure, we invite young talents aged 6-19 to audition for our traditional British pantomime, Robinson Crusoe:


Individuals who would like to participate in this production would need to join our weekly Thursday and/or Saturday drama groups in Lewes, East Sussex. More information can be found on our classes page



The Journey Begins

In our traditional British pantomime adaptation of Robinson Crusoe, audience members will experience an exhilarating journey that follows a young adventurer with an insatiable spirit for exploration. Despite his tenacity for adventure, Robinson’s voyages on the Black Pearl have been plagued by disastrous misadventures. His family’s expectations, with his studious father Fritz and pompous older brother Dennis, couldn’t be more different from his own yearning for freedom.

An Unexpected Twist

One fateful evening at the local tavern, Robinson’s life takes a remarkable turn. Celebrating his engagement to a beautiful girl amidst the disapproval of his audacious shipmates, Black Beard reveals a chance to leave behind a life of crime and join Captain Perkins, one of the King’s men, on a daring voyage. To set sail, they need additional crew, and Robinson must undergo strenuous trials to prove his worth.

The Voyage of Transformation

Earning a place on the once-in-a-lifetime voyage, Robinson sets out from London across the oceans to uncharted lands. Is this the voyage that will alter his luck and win the respect of his father? As the crew embarks on this thrilling adventure, new opportunities, friendships, risks, and romance unfold. Robinson’s survival depends on his cunning and skills to secure a safe passage back to England from a tropical desert island.




These productions will be presented on stage in Lewes, East Sussex at the wonderful multi-purpose community venue, the All Saints Centre. Get there via public transport (Southern Railway, Brighton & Hove Buses and other local bus companies) as well as community transport on routes between Eastbourne, Seaford, Haywards Heath, Newhaven, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Brighton and London.

all saints centre lewes

On behalf of the Lewes Drama Collective, the directors and cast members wish to thank everyone involved, including the invaluable voluntary team members, parents of our talented production participants, the venue and fantastic staff, East Sussex County Council and the Lewes Tourist Information Centre. 




If your child is aged between 6 and 19 eager to explore drama and be part of a traditional British pantomime brimming with adventure, then click the button below:

Contact us on WhatsApp

Alternatively, you may request more details by completing our online form or by sending an email to enquiry@dramacollective.com.

We look forward to creating an unforgettable theatre experience with you and providing a pathway to healing, passion, and self-discovery for all young performers involved!

2 thoughts on “Discover the Magic of Drama: Audition for Our Traditional British Pantomime with Robinson Crusoe

  1. Hello, could you please let me know the days & times of your panto rehearsals please? I just want to know if they would clash with shows my daughter is already committed to. Also, how many performances of your panto are there? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Katy, thank you for your request and interest.
      Our Junior Club and Youth Groups rehearse on Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings – depending on the age range.
      We have one performance scheduled for Saturday the 4th of February 2024 at the All Saints Centre.
      To find out more about our classes, please email enquiry@dramacollective.com

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