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Rip-roaring adventure awaits families in Sussex!

On Sunday, the 4th of February 2024 at the All Saints Centre in Lewes, all our wonderful members will present a fun-filled traditional British pantomime adaptation of Robinson Crusoe….

Warm up your cockles as Robinson attracts hilarious misadventures on his journey aboard the steadfast Black Pearl! His ever-positive mum, Dolly, and younger brother, Billy, have been his unwavering supporters in all his crazy exploits. In contrast, his scholarly father, Fritz, and pompous older brother, Dennis, dream of him leaving behind his seafaring ways and joining the less-than-exciting family solicitors’ firm.

But Robinson’s heart belongs to the sea, and it seems that lady luck has finally caught up with him when one fateful evening, Robinson believes that his life is about to take a turn for the better! While celebrating his engagement to a lovely maiden with his cheeky shipmates, Black Beard drops a bombshell – they’re leaving a life of crime and partnering with one of the King’s men, Captain Perkins. The only catch? They need some extra crew members first…

So, after a series of comically strenuous trials, Robinson proves his worth and earns a spot on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage across uncharted oceans. Is Robinson’s luck about to change? Could this be the task that finally makes him rich and earns his father’s respect?

The crew sets sail from England, and an uproarious adventure begins, brimming with new opportunities for laughter, friendships, daring comedic risks, and even a touch of romance. Robinson must employ all his wit and comedic skills to ensure a safe passage off a hilariously deserted tropical island.

“Absolutely wonderful! We had a great time. It was clear to see that the children were having fun too.“
Audience Member, Robinson Crusoe 2019

Join the laughter-filled escapade

Get your tickets to set sail on a fun tropical voyage and treat your family and friends to some silly fun as you join Robinson Crusoe and his friends on their quest for fortune.

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Our unique and comedic pantomime adaptation of the “Best Selling” novel Robinson Crusoe, originally written by Daniel Defoe and published in 1719 and is brought to life by a talented young cast in period costumes, under the guidance of award winning and qualified theatre practitioners.

This modern take on a thrilling 305-year-old story welcomes all to embrace a joyous experience, whether you’re giggling at the antics of the daft shipmates, or singing along to some fantastically fun sea chanteys, there’s comedy for everyone.

Please note that due to the inclusion of flashing lights and loud sounds at certain points in the production, we recommend that children no younger than 5 years old should attend. However, it is ultimately at your own discretion.

Limited capacity so don’t miss this one-time-only showing of Robinson Crusoe at The All Saints Centre in Lewes on Sunday, February 4th, 2024. Your laughter-filled adventure awaits!



These productions will be presented on stage in Lewes, East Sussex at the wonderful multi-purpose community venue, the All Saints Centre. Get there via public transport (Southern Railway, Brighton & Hove Buses and other local bus companies) as well as community transport on routes between Eastbourne, Seaford, Haywards Heath, Newhaven, Tunbridge Wells, Uckfield, Brighton and London.

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On behalf of the Lewes Drama Collective, the directors and cast members wish to thank everyone involved, including the invaluable voluntary team members, parents of our talented production participants, the venue and fantastic staff, East Sussex County Council and the Lewes Tourist Information Centre. 

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