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Lewes Drama Collective Summer Radio Drama Club 2022

Online Radio Drama Summer Club

“It’s great fun and it’s nice to experience a different side of the performing arts.”

What: Following a series of successful holiday radio drama clubs over the past couple of years, we have decided to run another fun radio play production week during the summer for those interested in improvisation, interactive games and radio plays. Join an exclusive group of acting enthusiasts to learn skills such as character development, script discovery, voice and diaphragm exercises, theory, improvisation and method acting.

Why: Radio drama offers a really fun way to think fast on your feet and utilise different types of sound effects at the same time – whether you make the sounds yourself or use regular household items.
Enhance your understanding of self, improve your presentation skills and boost your self confidence.

Who: All abilities welcome, ages 8-18.

When: 22nd August to 26th August. 11am to 12 o’clock.

Where: Online via video conferencing platform. An entirely stress free experience from home with no need to learn any lines!

Class Cost: £60 per person

How to enroll: Email enquiry@dramacollective.com

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